High alkalinity and shock

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High alkalinity and shock

Postby poolTX » Sat 22 Jul, 2006 23:02

I purchased an Intex Easy Set pool that holds approx. 1750 gallons last week. I bought an hth starter kit and followed the directions. We had a great time in it the first few days. I added chlorine when the test strip indicated I should and the pool remained cloudy for 24 hours. I went to a local pool supply and they recommended 3lbs of pH minus then shock. Being an idiot, I added all 3lbs and ended up with an extremely acidic pool. I added pH plus to bring up the pH without testing the alkalinity which is currently 350. The pH is now between 7.2 and 7.4. Should I go ahead and shock it over the high alkalinity since it can take a while to fix this problem or am I just borrowing trouble? I would like to get my kids back in it.



Postby poolTX » Sun 23 Jul, 2006 19:00

So I decided to shock anyway. The pool didn't dissolve and we swam in it tonight without difficulty. The ph level is 7.4 and chlorine is around 3. The alkalinity remains 350 but I am gathering from the posts that I should just wait it out and adjust the pH as needed and stop checking the alkalinity so much. I also checked the filter which was disgusting. I changed it and will retest in the morning.

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