Algea problem

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Algea problem

Postby Guest » Tue 14 Jun, 2005 22:39

:( I have an algae problem too. I shock it real strong and use an algacide and within 2 days the green comes back on the walls of the vinyl liner. pH and TA are good but have to brush every 2 days or it will be a mess. Any suggeestions.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Helper » Sun 19 Jun, 2005 22:51

You need to use a product like banish and vacuum to watse before and a few days later.Im pretty sure algacide is a preventitive product and will not kill algee only prevent it,so they say.Anyways bioguard makes a product called banish.

Postby Guest » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 12:58

the chlorine should kill the algae if enough is used. Just vac to waste so it don't keep getting run thru filter and back into pool. when not vaccing, run pump to filter out algae, backwash to waste, repeat process.

Postby Guest » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 21:29

Thanks for your help.

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