Above ground pool hose

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Intex 18'x48" above ground vinyl with Intex 3000 gph sand filter with .95hp pump.

Above ground pool hose

Postby poolwannabe » Wed 03 Jan, 2018 09:54

Thoughts on best standard pool vacuum hose for my Intex 18'x48" above ground pool with Sand Filter pump...3gph with .95 motor. I purchased a hose adapter so I can hook it to my Intex skimmer fitting. I've read many reviews on hoses and it sounds like none of them are much good. I would like one that is 25' long, swivel end and doesn't kink or suck flat.

Thoughts on vacuum head and pole. Thank you

Swimming Pool Superstar
Swimming Pool Superstar
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Re: Above ground pool hose

Postby Teapot » Thu 04 Jan, 2018 15:07

There isn't much to add, vacuum hoses are normally a convoluted design to stop them going flat to easily but if you have a to bigger pump then they will.
Swivel cuffs are pretty standard fit.
Make sure you buy a head for a vinyl pool and not concrete and no sharp edges!

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