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Re: Intex pump upgrade

Postby Teapot » Thu 17 May, 2018 16:26

iowapool1492 wrote:
Teapot wrote:Tell the guy who makes them to make them better! they should be ok at 1000 GPM.
To answer your question better you really need to know the flow rate you are actually getting but in any case that puny little filter is not big enough to handle a large pump so I still suggets the change to a larger sand filter setup

Thanks for the response - I actually do have a sand filter and salt water system...just the flow rate isn't high enough for the heater.

The person who makes the heaters is presumably making them for small intex type pools as they are too small in heat output for anything much bigger. They have got it wrong, they require a flow rate to activate them which simply will not happen on this type of tiny pump/filter setup, they have got it very wrong!

It does not matter what is written on the pump plate regarding flow, that is an open system with zero plumbing and resistance. By the time the water has been forced through the little pipes which being convoluted in design are even worse for frictional losses and therefore flow and then through the puny multiport and tiny 12" sand filter I would seriously doubt that you have 750 GPH. that is before your 40 feet of solar piping which will rob even more flow due to frictional losses on the pipework. I doubt you get anymore than 350-400 GPH.

Sticking on a 2500 GPH will achieve very little except increasing your electricity bill as you try to push water faster through a system that is too small to handle it the frictional losses will increase massively (dynamic head) and you'll get no more than 25% more (437-500GPH).

So your system was made right to just about cope with the sand filter and chlorinator but you are now trying to run with 40ft of solar and another heater with a flow switch that is never going to work.

You say the pool is 2000 gallons so to turn over the water in 4 hours you need a flow of roughly 500 GPH. The filter is tiny and to produce the best filtration requires a flow rate of approximately 277 GPH and a backwash rate of 1100 GPH.

In your situation you would be better to plumb the heater on it's own separate lines and pump without a filter or a mesh screen to stop big bits getting inside the heater.

Above ground pools like intex etc have much thinner liners than other inground pools so be careful with getting it too hot (28c or above)

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Intex pump upgrade

Postby iowapool1492 » Thu 17 May, 2018 20:11

Denniswiseman wrote:
iowapool1492 wrote:
Denniswiseman wrote:My 5kw heat pump requires just under 2000 UK gallons per hour for up to 27kw output
Don't go for that expensive way of doing it get a heat pump

thanks, but our pool is only a small 8' x 11' oval/2000 gallons - a great idea though for a bigger pool though

Look at the maths
It takes one BTU of energy to raise one pound of water, one degree F. Water is 8.3 lb/US gal so 2000 gallons = 16600 lbs. requiring 16600 BTU's of energy.
1 kw/hr = 3412 BTUs so (3412*2) = 6824
16600/6824 = 2.43 hrs to raise the water 1 degree F
This assumes 100% of your energy goes to heating the water and none of it is lost.

A Heat Pump is a more efficient way of heating your pool electricaly
Regardless of this get a thermal cover

Thanks for the response - I did explore heat pumps & the least expensive one I could find is $2000...wife almost killed me when I bought the $500 wave heater :-( . Also I do have a thermal cover, but thank you for suggesting that
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Re: Intex pump upgrade

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 18 May, 2018 02:19

Thanks for the response - I did explore heat pumps & the least expensive one I could find is $2000...wife almost killed me when I bought the $500 wave heater :-( . Also I do have a thermal cover, but thank you for suggesting that

OK then it's a done deal. I didn't realise that
Good luck

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