TF-100 chlorine test- weekly vs daily- major difference

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 11,000 gallons (5ft at deep end, 3 ft at shallow end)
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TF-100 chlorine test- weekly vs daily- major difference

Postby lhoyt001 » Tue 05 Jun, 2018 12:38

hey all- kinda new to pools, but have been studying a LOT about them.

Just got a TF-100 test kit since they were highly recommended- but the chlorine tests are bothering me in HOW MUCH different they are in the weekly versus daily (less exact test)

Current Specs (12:00 PM central time):
Free chlorine- Drop test says 4.5 ppm, daily test says <1 (both tests at same time)
pH- 7.6
Alkalinity- 70
Total hardness- 200
CYA- 40

The instructions for weekly chlorine test - the more exact one- states that I currently have 4.5 ppm free chlorine and no combined chlorine. (The instructions are lax about the “heaping scoop of R-0870 powder- saying “it doesn’t matter if all is dissolved or how much the heap is)— I feel like it might? Running the test 2 times in a row has sometimes been a difference of 1 ppm. So please educate me. I am certain that the 10 mL’s of water is taken from > 1 ft of pool water, and I am certain that the bottom of the “meniscus?” (Curve of the top water in the tube) is at to 10 mL.

The problem is that the Daily chlorine tester measures < 1. the two are very different from each other.

The daily test is less exact, but there is more room for human error in the drop test- so my being new has made me not confident in either result.

This has been a similar occurrence every time.

I just can’t tell if my chlorine is still too high or still too low.

Pool info:
-11,000 gallon pool
-Salt water— currently at 2940 (cell says it runs best at 3400, but when I get there- it blinks saying that it is too high)
-I run the sat cell at 40%

Please help. Thanks!

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Pool Industry Leader
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Re: TF-100 chlorine test- weekly vs daily- major difference

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 08 Jun, 2018 11:28

I use the Taylor K2006c which is very similar and uses the same reagents and I do not understand what you mean by weekly and daily
In my experience you should test daily untill you have a pretty stable results and more often if you have an algae bloom in which case you need to Slam with relation to your Chlorine / CYA Chart and your recommended Pool Levels
I tend to just put a slightly higher level of R-0870 in but I use a Speed Stir which mixes immediatly

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