purple stain ?

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purple stain ?

Postby sayemthree » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 10:23

the inside of the pre-filter container (before the pump) is purple. I have gotten some purple staining on the side of the pool and on some of the grout. someone said it may be the PH is too low - the PH was slightly low and I have raised it . anyone heard of this?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby HamletJSD » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 10:34

My first thought would be dissolved minerals, most likely metals, to create a purple stain. If you use well water? or have added products high in metal content that could be the problem.
My wife is a chemist, I will ask her later today and re-post if she thinks of anything else.
- J.S.

thanks - its not well water.

Postby Guest » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 11:01

thanks - its not well water.

I now suspect high Cyraunic Acid

Postby Guest » Thu 27 Jul, 2006 14:15

I now suspect high Cyraunic Acid
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Pool Enthusiast
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Purple Stain

Postby dogette » Tue 08 Aug, 2006 09:47

I too have the same problem. My pool is only 2 months old and its plaster. The problem started 3 days after the pool was filled with Well Water by a local comany. It started out as one or 2 spots but has been multiplying ever since

My pool water is perfect except for a very high level of phosphate. It shouldbe down around 100. Mine was 2500. And we don't know why. We are treating it but it keeps going back to 2500??? You may want to chave the pool store check that. It may be contributing to the problem. I really do not know.

I've read on the internet that it may be maganese. Though Im not sure how to check the water. The pool stores around here do not check for maganese. Anyone know how to check for Maganese? I think this may only be associated with well water though.

Maybe HamletJSD could ask his wife to check these issues too.


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