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Postby britnewt3 » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 13:24

How do you calculate how many gal. your pool is if you moved into the house with the pool already in it?


Postby Guest » Tue 08 Aug, 2006 09:43

according to the calculations provided by this link, my Intek 18' x 42" pool holds 68,817.6 gallons of water. I don't think this formula is correct.
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Postby Walter » Tue 08 Aug, 2006 14:28

try using 18x18x3.6x5.9 you have to convert the depth to feet and not inches. it comes to about 6882 gallons if it is a round pool.
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Postby HABS_SD » Wed 09 Aug, 2006 14:34

bought a house with a pool and had to figure this out for my self. For future reference and readers, here is a simple calculation.

Volume of cylinder is pi * radius squared * height. This gives you the volume in feet cubed.

One cubic foot of water is equal to 7.48 US gallons. (so for simplicity round to 7.5)

Therefore, multiplying all the known variable out, if you know the height and width (diameter) of your pool in feet, a simple calculation is:

Height * half width * half width * 23.5

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