Green pool for weeks

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Green pool for weeks

Postby Guest » Fri 28 Jul, 2006 09:40

Hi, I've had a green pool for weeks! Actually today makes 1 month. I have a 27,900 in ground pool with a vinyl liner. Every year at the same time we get this problem, although this year has by far been the worst, with the most treatment.

I use Sustain, don't know if you are familiar with those products or not......but it has a 'no algae' guarantee. Ha Ha. So anyway it got green, I went in and showed them pictures, they had me use Lo and Slo to reduce my PH, and then put in 6 lbs. of Algae Out.

Well it did turn blue, for a few days. I was able to clean it on waste and swim for two days. A day or so later, it was green again. I went back in and they gave me Algae Destroyer. She said it could take up to two weeks to work. All it did was get worse. Nothing happened.

I went to a different store (same chain) because I knew there were things she was not telling me. So I they told me my alkalinity was low, PH was high, I needed to add cyanuric acid to keep the chlorine in. So I did all of those things, added 6 lbs of shock, and then Banish.

Nothing happened. A couple days later, my pump died. My pool sat (but really did not change) for two days. Monday I got my pump in and it runs great. I went back Tuesday afternoon, they told me PH was high AGAIN, lower it, then add 3 lbs shock, then add MSA.

It's Friday morning now, and nothing has changed. My filter pressure has only gone up once, from 22 to 24, and I backwashed it then. That was Weds night. So far, it hasn't risen since. What do I do NOW?



Same problems here

Postby bobpal » Sun 27 Aug, 2006 13:07

I just don't know how to answer these posts or even ask questions on them. Where is there a place to see the replies (answers to posts) that are here???? Help again, please......Bob

Postby Guest » Thu 16 Nov, 2006 22:26

Here's what we do...

Brush all the walls and seats as well as you can to rid of algae. The pool will look worse than it did before at this point.

If you can see the bottom of the pool, vacuum it as well as you can. You will most likely not get all the algae.

Wash the filter(s). This is critical to the recovery of the pool. As well, you must run the pool afterwards until the pool clears, being sure to wash the filter a few times per day. This is what will help the most.

Of course, be sure to add shock to the pool and perhaps a full bottle of green algae killer.

I have been able to clear pools up in a matter of days using this method. I should also note that I do take the time to make sure the alkalinity, ph, and stabilizer (CYA) are in check.

This kind of condition will require your daily attention. But like I said, you must wash the filter several times per day and run that pool until it clears.

Hope this helps.
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Postby dynamictiger » Mon 04 Dec, 2006 16:57

Sorry for your confusion. I can read between the lines here.

If the pool is green chances are the pH will always be high and often the TA will be low. Algae eats carbon dioxide and when it runs out of carbon dioxide eats bicarbonate which is what your TA is made up of, converting it to carbonate which drives the pH up and lowers the TA.

In this situation the best approach is to cut the pH first before you correct anything else, as in the process of cutting the pH carbonate is recombined into bicarbonate and your TA will rise. I cannot predict what it will rise to perhaps it is better to say it will be different.

Based on a 50 000 litre pool and without any readings try this method (please realise this is a guess). Add 0.75 litres of acid and 5 litres of liquid chlorine and run the filter non stop for 24 hours, test the pH every 4 hours and correct it to hold it around pH 7.0 as required, you can sleep please don't set your alarm and get up every 4 hours.

After this the water should be starting to look like it is clearing up. Take a sample, test it and post teh results and we can take it from there. Please tell me the pool volume.

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