uneven pool floor after vinyl liner installation

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uneven pool floor after vinyl liner installation

Postby AMD » Sat 29 Jul, 2006 12:25

I bought my home late in 2004 so this is my second summer using my vinyl pool.

At the end of last summer (2005) it became clear that the old liner needed replacing, so we did that at the start of this summer (2006) before opening the pool.

This is a small kidney shaped pool. It was measured for a custom fit liner. There is rippling in the liner in one area up by the coping.. seems they couldn't get an exact fit... pool company says that cold weather will help the liner contract over time and reduce rippling in that one area. Their philosophy is to avoid over stretching the liner and so maybe they cut a little more full, but I'm annoyed because I think for the $$ it should look better. Rippling is only in one spot, but it looks sloppy (about 1 foot of rippling).

The bigger problem, however, is the way the floor feels in the shallow end and on the grade that slopes into the deep end. Tons of pebble-like bumps under foot! One or two larger and painful if you really step on them. And, new contours.... depressions/dips in the pool floor that weren't there last year. I have never felt a vinyl pool like this underfoot.

I am waiting to hear back from the pool company about what to do about the floor surface, but I would love some further outside advice. My fiance says he saw them sweep a lot before installing the liner, and of course the company says they did all the usual prep work. I am worried that they left the pool uncovered too long while waiting for the liner to arrive (there was a 2-3 week gap between uncovering and draining the pool and installing the liner... the pool was uncovered and we had rain... I asked if we should recover the pool and they said it wouldn't be a problem).

Is it possible that the old liner was thicker? This is a 20ml liner I think. Any advice on how I should proceed/ handle this? I have not paid the last half of the liner replacement bill.

Thanks in advance.

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