vinyl vs gunite vs fiberglass

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Favourite pool type

Postby Larry » Sun 13 Mar, 2005 04:38

My favourite type of pool is a concrete shell with a tiled surface. I find maintenance is easy, dirt does not show up so much and they are aesthetically pleasing.

I also like overflow pools with a skimmer gutter as you never have the waterline problems and the floating debris is carried into the gutter before it can sink.


Postby Guest » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 22:55

vinyl is the way to go its not as abrasive and the replacement time of it an concrete are close to the same...... just use a quality substrate

Postby Guest » Wed 25 Jul, 2007 11:04

Fiberglass is the way to go if you can live with the limited selection of sizes
Ease of maintenance makes it wonderful.
If you need more of a free form design I would go with concrete.

pool surfaces

Postby kenny » Sat 19 Jan, 2008 14:34

Actually it is a well known fact that the plaster on a gunite pool lasts MUCH longer than a vinyl liner pool. Most liners are replaced in 4-6 years and the homeowner has to be VERY careful that certain objects do not get into the pool. Also dogs can completely destroy a liner. Even after all the care in the world, a fallen tree limb will put the pool out of business. It has been my experience that vinyl liner pools are prone to leak much more than a gunite pool. Costs a little more, but darn well worth it!

Concrete vs liner

Postby McGreen » Tue 15 Apr, 2008 13:16

We unfortunately opted to install a liner pool. In order to replace the liner it can cost around $5000. I dont know what kind of problems you can run into with a gunite pool but I can tell you this, we had our second liner installed in a brand new pool, never opened yet and the liner factory got it wrong for the second time. They are refusing to pay for the additional labor costs involved. It's a huge headache.

Whatever you decide on, make sure you get everything written out in the contract, especially the completion date. We started working on this pool in july 07, the contractor is still not finished. He did a terrable job on the concrete around the pool but still wants full payment. No other contractor wants to get involved in a testimony on the poor craftsmanship of the work.

My advise- a pool is quite an investment, get hundreds of answers and recommendations before deciding and then get it all in writing. Make sure the contractor has been around and plans to stay around. We heard of a story where a woman placed $25K down on a pool and the company went bankrupt.

Despite all the hardship, every pool owner I know says it's worth it.

Postby Jenspool » Sun 13 Jul, 2008 00:53

I just replaced my vinyl liner for the first time. My original liner lasted 20 years. :D

vinyl vs gunite vs fiberglass

Postby Kitty13 » Fri 25 Jun, 2010 12:33

We are getting ready to replace 20 year old vinyl liner. It has been wonderful but starting to fade. Just one small imperfection - after 20 years it still looks good.
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vinyl vs gunite vs fiberglass

Postby floridapooltech » Mon 02 Aug, 2010 16:09

as far as pool finishes go, there are many factors to choose.


less costly compared to pebbletec or quartz, however, after about 5 years, you will start noticing a breakdown process of the resin. Also, Fiberglass is prone to a number of stains the other finishes will not have.


also, less costly compared to pebbletec or quarts, hoever, will show signs of wear after 5-10 years (chips, deterioration)


costly, however, lasts between 15-20 years before any noticeable wear on the surface. Also, there are many colors and styles to choose from!


The most costly, however it will also last between 15-20 years before any noticeable wear or missing stones. As with quartz, this also comes in many different colors.

vinyl vs gunite vs fiberglass

Postby OshaEdu » Tue 30 Aug, 2011 16:29

We install both Fiberglass and Gunite pools, and I can tell you the fiberglass lasts much longer without having to spend any real money (above the initial installation costs).

If your child has swam all day in a resort or public pool, they usually have raw fingers and toes. This is because the gunite pool finishes start to deteriorate in a surprisingly short time. The fiberglass finish doesn't have this issue. The warranty is also much better with the fiberglass pools.

The only downside of fiberglass is that you are limited to the sizes and shapes manufactured; though there are literally hundreds of sizes and shapes.

Just do your research before buying a pool. Remember that every installer will give you the high points of his pool type and some will really hammer the other types.

The only recommendation I can make without hesitation, is to really think about the con's, before you buy a vinyl liner pool. ANd froem personal experience having had a liner pool, don't get one if you have a Labrador retriever that might want to jump in. They'll tear through liners like warm butter.

Any questions
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vinyl vs gunite vs fiberglass

Postby czechmate » Wed 31 Aug, 2011 18:49

I tend not to trust people that can't even read the date on the question and replying year old postings.
But since I already butted in, I have my 2 cents.
It is mystery to me why people take someones comment and try to pass it as a fact.
Marcite will last A LOT LONGER than 5-10 years.
Mine made 25+ years and my own lack of knowledge about CSI killed it during the last 2 years.
Personally I have NEVER heard about rough feet or fingers caused by gunite, specially marcite, that gets honed smooth by pool cleaner sweep hose in about 2 years!
Quartz will last longer also due to the fact that it is more tolerant to owner's slacking in diligent maintenance in later years.
Every product has its following based on it's initial cost. From above ground to a Pebble Tech.
It is pretty much like the cars we own. Some reach little higher at first and are pretty happy later, that they did.
After all, pool is hard to put in the front of the house with a "for sale" sign.

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