vinyl vs gunite vs fiberglass

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vinyl vs gunite vs fiberglass

Postby czechmate » Wed 31 Aug, 2011 18:49

I tend not to trust people that can't even read the date on the question and replying year old postings.
But since I already butted in, I have my 2 cents.
It is mystery to me why people take someones comment and try to pass it as a fact.
Marcite will last A LOT LONGER than 5-10 years.
Mine made 25+ years and my own lack of knowledge about CSI killed it during the last 2 years.
Personally I have NEVER heard about rough feet or fingers caused by gunite, specially marcite, that gets honed smooth by pool cleaner sweep hose in about 2 years!
Quartz will last longer also due to the fact that it is more tolerant to owner's slacking in diligent maintenance in later years.
Every product has its following based on it's initial cost. From above ground to a Pebble Tech.
It is pretty much like the cars we own. Some reach little higher at first and are pretty happy later, that they did.
After all, pool is hard to put in the front of the house with a "for sale" sign.

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