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new pool owner

Postby Guest » Fri 17 Jun, 2005 11:34

My DH and I are buying a house with a newer (1year old) above ground pool. I've never owned a pool in my life so I have NO IDEA where to start! Previous owners have already "opened" the pool this season, but as of the last two weeks or so, no one has swam or maintained the pool. DH has been to the new house recently (we close next week) and said the water was cloudy. I have done research on this site and have printed out lots of useful information. My question is this: Where do I start first? Should I "clean" the water first (brushing and vacumming, then backwashing and rinsing) then test the pH and chlorine levels? Or do it the other way around? Any advice is much appreciated!


Postby Guest » Sat 18 Jun, 2005 08:50

If there is visible debris on the bottom, vacuum first. Otherwise, I would brush the sides and bottom (filter running) and then shock the pool and add algaecide. Run the filter as much as you can, but keep an eye on the pump pressure. Backwash/bump(DE) the filter when it gets high. Go to your local pool store with a water sample, they will be happy to test it and give you some help....even if you can test it yourself for PH, etc, they have tons of experience and can help you shorten your learning curve. :)

The longer it goes without maintenance, the worse the problem will be to correct. Even if you don't own the house yet, I wouldn't wait another week to start maintaining the pool. Congratulations on your new home!
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Pool Care Proficient
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new pool owner

Postby Gov » Sat 18 Jun, 2005 17:10

I would test the water now!
I like the test strips, they tell you chlorine, PH & alkilinity levels...
Good luck.
Pool Test

Pool water testing

Postby Pool Test » Wed 22 Feb, 2006 13:27

I prefer the tablet test kits. The strips are OK but only have an accuracy of around 75%.

The liquid kits are fine for pH but are way off with the free chlorine readings (for OTO kits). They are apparently fine if the chlorine level is below 1.0ppm and the sample is cooled to below 35 Farenheit.

The tablets are ideal - no counting drops, no over-swirled or under-swirled strips.

If you use the strips, at least have a backup tablet kit and check the levels with it now and again.

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