New Pool Skimmer Pproblems

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New Pool Skimmer Pproblems

Postby STGCMTED » Fri 17 Jun, 2005 17:23

I have a new in ground pool that the Admiral Skimmer Equalizer Assy is always seating and shutting off the water flow. I remove the assembly and reseat it and within several hours, the float has again seated on the oring and shut the flow off. I have checked the equalizer assembly and the float is not broken or leaking. The pool level is always at the full level. Any ideas what is going on.. also, the flow valve on the bottom of the equalizer is set at 50 percent.


Pool skimmer help

Postby Guest » Thu 19 Jan, 2006 08:05

Could the skimmer be off vertical and the float is getting stuck due to yawing of the float.

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