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Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.

milky pool

Postby Southernpool3 » Wed 01 Sep, 2010 12:42

For my milky problem the cause was a leaky sight glass on the sand filter.

Allen G MYerson

milky pool

Postby Allen G MYerson » Thu 02 Sep, 2010 20:29

Southernpool3 wrote:For my milky problem the cause was a leaky sight glass on the sand filter.

A leaky sight-glass would not cause you any problems other than whatever water leaked out during backwash.

It certainly would not cause your pool to get cloudy or milky.
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milky pool

Postby chem geek » Fri 03 Sep, 2010 02:01

It sounds like your filter is not capturing fine particles. If it's a sand filter, you can inspect it for channeling and to improve filtration you could Add DE to a Sand Filter. If you have a cartridge filter or just want to clear things up faster, you can use a polymeric clarifier such as GLB Clear Blue or BioGuard Polysheen Blue.

milky pool

Postby alisa4052 » Sat 11 Sep, 2010 14:50

My pool looks like the milky water is blowing into the pool from the blowers the rest of the water is clear. We just cleaned the filtration system and filters. It has cleared up a little bit but it is still blowing out milky looking water any sugestions for my problem.

milky pool

Postby alisa4052 » Sat 11 Sep, 2010 14:53

also the top of the water has a white film looks like soap suds but isn't and keeps bubbling up. HELP. :D
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milky pool

Postby floridapooltech » Sat 11 Sep, 2010 17:40

alisa4052 wrote:also the top of the water has a white film looks like soap suds but isn't and keeps bubbling up. HELP. :D

This sounds like an excessive amount of linear-quat algaecides were used to treat the pool? If this is the case, it will eventually go away on it's own and is nothing to worry about!

milky pool

Postby everready » Fri 24 Jun, 2011 13:31

what type of filter are you using de,sand, or cartridge ?

milky pool

Postby julie » Wed 20 Jul, 2011 10:56

I may be too late but, this is what worked for us on the Intex pool. Don't add any more chemicals, turn the filter valve at teh top on to full air and leave it that way for a couple of days. You will need to skim the pool from all the milky scum every few hours and either clean or change the filter at least once a day but as often as you deem necessary. You will slowly notice a change in the water. It's not a scientific answer but it worked for us. Our kids were swimming in it a couple of days after.

Good luck


milky pool

Postby bealjudy » Tue 26 Jul, 2011 06:45

In my past experience of having a pool for 20 years, cloudy water was caused by chlorine tabs or powdered chlorine. If it seems like the more chlorine you add, the milkier it gets, that is probably your problem. Also can be worsened by adding several products at once. There seems to be a residue to powder chlorine in any form. We switched to liquid chlorine and never had the problem again. It was much easier and less costly. :wink:
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milky pool

Postby stacey1987 » Sat 28 Jan, 2012 22:36

i have put to much chlorine in my pool now it has gone to milk :/ will it go bac to normal or do i have to put something in there please help!! :thumbup:
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milky pool

Postby davidsjames » Wed 22 Feb, 2012 04:17

Swimming pool water problem solving guide for those with privately owned pools

milky pool

Postby Dan'l » Wed 07 Mar, 2012 11:29

After the stuff settles to the bottom, try vacuuming to waste rather than to filter. Go verrrrry slooowwwly so you do not kick up the debirs. If you have a self-contained robotic vacuum, don't use it; it will simply spray the very fine particles into the water as they pass trhrough the filter bag it uses. After a few days of vacuuming to waste, the water clarity will improve as long as it is balanced. Make sure your ph is right when the pool is cloudy too.

I don't recommend regular use of either flocking agents or clarifier unless you follow the directions meticulously. They sound like a simple solution, but in my experience often require a lot of extra work.

Clarifier sticks small particles together to make larger particles so they can get caught in the filter rather than going through it. If they stick to each other, it stands to reason they will stick to the filter, too. When you use clarifier, you must backflush AND vacuum (I recommend vacuuming to waste) because many stuck together particles will fall to the bottom. It can take a few days to clear up the water using clarifier.

Flocking requires a lot of vacuuming to waste to clean it up, otherwise the pool water will always get messy when someone gets in the water and distrubs the fine fallout on the bottom. It can take several days of vacuuming to get it all up. DO NOT circulate water through the filters when you add a flocking agent.

None of these chemicals are magic. It takes some elbow greese to get the promised effects. Simply pouring stuff into your pool is not enough. Skimming, vacuuming, back-flushing, and cleaning filter baskets have to be done regularly.

Milky pools are not safe to swim in, not because the chemicals are particularly harmful or dangerous(although extremly high and low levels can be), but because you must be able to clearly see below the surface all the way to the bottom. :thumbup:


milky pool

Postby John75 » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 19:01

Hi Spinbal! Have you checked this pool water treatement guide : . Also, there is a page dedicated to pool filtering :

milky pool

Postby Guest » Sat 02 Jun, 2012 00:56

I have the same problem a pool of milk, I had the water tested and they said to put yellow out and then shock
it. They said it would clear up, well its still milk. I didn't have this problem last year. I shocked it again, its still milky. Hope someone can HELP figure it out. Thanks
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milky pool

Postby rosalind » Tue 05 Jun, 2012 01:20

nu2pools wrote:we have an Intex 12x36 easy set pool, we've had fairly good luck with keeping the water clear, until now, much to my fault I'm sure I turned the pool water into milk, I hadn't added any chemicals for a few days and they were all low, so I made the mistake of sprinkling in a little bit of everything that was low, then I shocked it and then I was shocked! I now have a pool full of milk! if anyone has the cure or any suggestions please post them! all ideas are greatly appreciated!

If you have a chlorine-free or chlorinated pool, the display of milky water is rise by the abeyancy of apparent impurities and piece. These piece are most frequently develop by circulation or poor filtration, inappropriate water balance, or at the stages of starting of algae

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