finding plastic pipe underground???

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finding plastic pipe underground???

Postby motorcycho » Tue 01 Aug, 2006 14:56

I have a crack in my pipe that comes from the skimmer to the pump. I have determined that it is not far from the pump house but im not sure where the pipe leaves the house toward the pool. Any ideas on how to find a plastic pipe underground?? Ive started digging but no luck as of yet.
(driving myself crazy trying to figure out if I just need to go deeper or if Im in the wrong area altogther). Any tips/advice/help/ideas would be great


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Postby all4him » Wed 02 Aug, 2006 09:08

Have you tried witching? It sound crazy but I have tried it and it has worked for me.

Take 2 coat hangers and make to pieces of straight wire. Bend both of them on the ends to fit in your hands (about 4-6 inches). Make a fist with each hand and hold the wires very loosly in your hands pointing away from your body. Walk forward and as you approach the line the wires will turn to each other where the line is.

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