cracks in ground prior to gunite from drought

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cracks in ground prior to gunite from drought

Postby FrustratedinTexas » Wed 02 Aug, 2006 09:48

We've been having plumbing issues and our pool has been sitting for a month. We are in drought conditions here in Texas and we can see huge cracks in the ground, some of them 2 inches thick due to the dry ground. The pool builder says it won't affect the foundation and not to worry about it. I'm worried when we do get rains and the ground settles the pool will end up cracking. Does anyone know if this could be a problem?

I'm so worried after the pool is complete, later the ground shifting will cause the shell to crack, especially since the pool was dug a month ago and it's been sitting all this time in the dry weather.

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Postby PoolGuy » Fri 04 Aug, 2006 20:22

Yes your pool could crack,I would water around that pool every day till the ground is normal again. and make sure you keep that new pool, water down at all times,when it is hot like this.
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