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Algae Prob - New Pool Owners

Postby kernnal » Mon 20 Jun, 2005 05:38

Help! We just bought a house with an inground 17,500 gal pool. We have never owned a pool before so we have been using a pool place here with no luck. Our water is a cloudy green that will not go away no matter what we do. We have shocked it about 5 times in past week and half, used 2 bottles of algaecide, muriatic acid, everything the pool place said to use. We just got the vacuum working last night and added floc, will vacuum again tonight. Have read other posts and would like to know what you mean when you say to add bleach. Are we talking clorox or a special pool bleach? Any help with this would be appreciated, I need to get this cleared up in a hurry or hubby will fill with dirt! :cry:


Postby kernnal » Mon 20 Jun, 2005 18:24

Update: we have vacuumed and then shocked and then vacummed. I can finally see the bottom of the pool at the shallow end. I think our biggest prob is that the grey/white dead algae will NOT go away. Our vacuum doesn't seem to be doing much good either. Any solutions? Thanks!
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Algae Prob - New Pool Owners

Postby Gov » Mon 20 Jun, 2005 20:43

Ok, filter a lot!
At least for 24 hours after doing your shock & algacide.
Then vacuum AND BACKWASH FILTER for 2 to 3 minutes.
Then do a filter to waste for 10 seconds.
Repeat next day if needed.
Most important run filter 8-10 hours each day and add cholrine every night.

Postby doubled1 » Fri 24 Jun, 2005 05:41

Vacum to waste,add fresh water,don't backwash too much.make sure main drain is closed when vacuming

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