nasty pool

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nasty pool

Postby markj » Sat 05 Aug, 2006 07:49

I have been trying to get my 28 ft. above ground pool clean for 5 weeks now. It was left uncovered over the winter so, as you could imagine there was lots of leaves in it. I have gotten almost all the leaves out, the water cleared up considerably after shock and copper sulfate, but when I tried to get the rest of the leaves out the water is nice and dark green even after 1 gallon of algacide, 12 pounds of shock, 10 gallons of clorox, 1 gallon of clarifier, new sand in the filter. Also, I think I have a problem with the filtration sysytem. The pump runs fine with good output for about 10 minutes then no ouput in the return side at all. Backwash and rinse and the return is good for about 10-15 minutes. What do I do now ? I'm in Georgia by the way.

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