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Gorilla pad

Postby Rgross » Sun 06 Aug, 2006 15:20

has anyone ever hear of gorilla pad? It is installed under the liner. I have called several pool companies and they have not heard of it. I saw it online and was going to order it but wanted to see if anyone else had ever heard or used it.


re: gorilla pad

Postby Kym » Tue 29 May, 2007 11:40

All I know is that two separate pool retailers we spoke to when installing ours did NOT recommend it.

They claimed they have had numerous recall/problems with it because there are "seams" in the pad and over time they shift/separate.

Claimed that these - along with foam cove molds - they quit selling because they grew weary of the warranty issues.

Please note this is NOT first-hand experience, I'm just passing on what I heard from pool retailers.

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