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Postby Guest » Mon 07 Aug, 2006 02:30

I just purchased a above ground oval pool that is 12x24 and 52" deep a few days ago and the guy how put the pool up 2 days ago said that my kids could swim in it before i shocked it. well i put the shcok in it last night at 9:30. Can my kids get in the pool today? Also i wanted to know whas i supposed to put the shock in it first of was I suppose to put the other chemicals first? I really need help because I have no idea what I am doing. i don't even know what the purpose of the shock treatment is for and no instructions cam with my starter kit so I don't know what to put where and when to put or how to put it in the pool. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


Postby HABS_SD » Wed 09 Aug, 2006 08:23

Hello and good morning,

First things first, take a deep breath and relax :D

I am a pool owner as of last Monday, and much like your self I knew nothing about anything. Everything was fine for the first few days and we were enjoying the wonderful pool. Last Friday and Saturday following huge rain spells, I woke up to a green pool Sunday morning, which has been getting consistently darker since.

Since than I have been on super research mode, and so I feel like I can help you with a few things. I learned that a pool is relatively easy to maintain if you keep a well balanced water chemistry (no way around this, no quick fixes). And if you slip up for a bit, it can go Hayward and cost lots of dough, so the bit of investment at the beginning is well worth it.

First thing I would suggest is to get a test kit for the pool. In my starter kit I got a two way tester (chlorine and PH levels), but this is not enough. Spend ten bucks and get a four way tester (tests for chlorine, ph, alkalinity & stabiliser). Always make sure all four of these are in the appropriate range. You can buy the chemicals and follow the instructions on the bottles. If you do this you’ll never have major problems with the pool.

Next about the shock. Shock is basically an overdose of chlorine (if it is a chlorine based shock) to kill, eradicate and destroy any biological nastinesses (such as algae) in the pool. I’ve read that this should be done anywhere from once a week to once a month depending on use. However if the water chemistry is fine, once a month should be enough.

If you have other specific questions let me know and I’ll help as best as I can. Keep in mind I am no expert. All this information is based on things I’ve researched and learned by error (unfortunately!)

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