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Water bugs, swimming insects and sweat bees.
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I think I know what the bugs are that are in your pools

Postby julesd115 » Tue 25 Jul, 2006 22:47

There are several species of water bugs . There are 2 in particular that inhabit swimming pools. One is called a water boatmen, the other is called a backswimmer. They look similar, but the backswimmer swims and is usually upside down. The back swimmer bites humans and it feels like a bee sting. the water boatmen does not bite. They both feed on algae and small insects and microscopic organsims in the water. They are commonly found in bogs, streams, lakes, rivers, and wetland areas. They also fly, and that is probably how they got into yoour pools. once their water source drys up, they fly around till find a new one. They are attraced to lights in swimming pools and streetlights. They will lay eggs on any vegetation that is in your pool, like blades of grass, leaves, etc. Do a search on the web about them, and it will also show you pictures of them too so that you can distinguish which ones you have. I had them in my pool. I scooped them all out and put them into an air tight container so they would die. If you just fling them out of the pool they will just fly right back in there. After I got them all out of the pool, I shocked the crap out of my pool, and kept my chlorine level very high for a week or so, and they went away. I think there is also a product out there also called bug out, that changes the water in some way. My pool guy was telling me about it. The bugs dont like it, and they go away. I hope that helps anyone out there. If you read this or come across anyone that has this problem, please feel free to pass this along.


Re: Bugs

Postby DKrippse » Mon 14 Aug, 2006 21:04

jesse8698 wrote:Thanks for responding, These bugs look more like fleas than mosquitos, there were thousands of them all over the pool even though the water levels were perfect, after skimming most of them and another shock treatment they were gone but after a week they were back. Also, my pool was finished last september and we were able to use it about 2 weeks before the weather got too cold here in October, we just started using it again 3 weeks ago but I let the pump circulate every day through winter, is it time to replace the filter now? how often should it be relaced and how is it done?

I live in South Louisiana and we have all sorts of bugs in our swimming pools. Last year I tried putting detergent (Dawn or Wisk) to kill the bugs. It works fast but is very short acting. This year, I used BioGuard's Back Up algaecide in slightly higher doses each week. The bugs died and have not been back all season. Give it a try.

Re: Water Bugs and Filter

Postby sparkwatercleaner » Tue 15 May, 2007 14:33

jesse8698 wrote:The filter is a C3025 Hayward fiter, I bet is full of those water bugs, should I just clean it or replace it?, also, to make things worst, there is no more water pressure coming out through the jacuzzi, water does come out from the jets but not even close to how it used to be, this just started today and I don't understand why, I'll appreciate your advise, thanks.

You should backwash your filter. If you don't know how to do this just google it.

Postby ptomom » Wed 16 May, 2007 18:35

I have pool bugs too, but the majority of mine look like little spiders, and there are a lot of them in there! Some are pretty big, others small (like they're the babies). Also, we have a lot of winged ant looking things in there from time to time. What gives? We shock the daylights out of it, but occasionally we do get behind on brushing it and/or treating it w/ algaecide. Is that the problem? I'm just about to throw my hands up in frustration and hire a professional pool cleaning company!!! I don't even want to be in the pool at all, nor let my kids be anywhere near it. It's sooo embarrassing!!! :evil:
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Postby nanabb » Mon 21 May, 2007 23:23

These are called SPRINGTAILS! www.whatsthatbug dotcom . I've had them twice this year! I worked 4 hours getting them out of my pool last week. Last week we had 15 trees planted in our yard and mulched...next morning....black bugs in my pool. My skimmer was so full that it looked as if someone had poured black gun powder in it. I would get them out...and it would fill up with more. I put them on the concrete and they were jumping around...just like fleas! So...I sprayed them with bug spray to kill them. I finally just took a stick and held the flap where water couldn't get in and let the pump suck them down the skimmer through the filter. Then I would backwash to get them out. When they would come out the backwash hose..they were still alive. SO...I got bug spray (actually it was for wasp) and sprayed them. The spray killed them. Then I would do the same thing over and over....until they were gone. I took pictures and sent them to the company I buy my pool supplies and they sent the picture to their chemical distributor. Today they gave me a name for them and where they are coming from. Go to the link above and you can read about them. Just look to the left of the screen for the bug that says SPRINGTAIL. From what I understand...it's just something we have to deal with...when we OR our neighbors disrupt the soil or bring in mulch. But...at least now I know what they are and I know what I can do to kill them. GOOD LUCK!


Postby IHATEBUGS! » Fri 01 Aug, 2008 11:15

I have tiny bugs in the pool that look like tiny sticks but they flips around. What could these things be and how to get rid of them? I shocked it yesterday and the pump has been running for about 10 hours now.

Postby newby » Sat 02 Aug, 2008 12:28

what color are they?? Do they look wormy?

Pool bugs

Postby Suzy » Sat 11 Jun, 2011 12:31

The bugs in my pool look like black ladybugs. Anyone know what they are?

Pool bugs

Postby Guest » Tue 18 Jun, 2013 07:09

Larry wrote:Without being able to see these bugs it is hard to comment on what they might be. Generally bugs cannot live in pool water with a free chlorine level of 1.0ppm, though some insects are known to survive.

Mosquitoes, although unlikely to survive, are usually not black in their larval stage. The mosquito larvae appear as a comma shape, with the fatter part at the surface of the water (they breathe air), and the "tail" hanging down. They exhibit erratic jumpy movements in the water.

If you believe they may be mosquitoes, a chlorine shock treatment should get rid of them in no time.



Pool bugs

Postby Buildernj » Wed 10 Jul, 2013 20:04

My pool and two of my neighbors have the same problem. We live in NJ and have had a lot of rain, and the weather has been hot and humid. There seems to be hundreds of thousands, an they swim together and form little circles that look like oil spots.. I thought that's what is was because the landscaper was her doing some work. I opened the skimmer lid and saw them crawling all over!!! We shocked the pool and 2 days later they were back in force!! I brought a solo cup to the local pool store and they did not know what they were.. HELP!
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Pool bugs

Postby creatseolink » Mon 26 Aug, 2013 08:06

I'm concern that it could be moskitos.I bet is full of those water bugs.These bugs look more like fleas than mosquitos. They are prolific after rain in warmer weather, but once again, I have yet to see one be any more than an annoyance.

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