Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

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Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby Alicec2prz » Wed 08 Jun, 2011 11:15

Thanks about all informations because very helpfully. :thumbup:


Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby AZBEachbum » Mon 20 Jun, 2011 14:53

Like most of the folks on here I'm having issues with my Goldline Salt System. The Cell has been tested at a local pool supply store and it tests ok. My box is showing "low salt" and "check cell" lights and it is not generating chlorine. My chemical levels are pretty good, with the exception of chlorine of course, and my salt level has been testing between 2700 and 3300 ppm. My calcuim hardness level is high (750) which I was told should not effect the system. Two different individuals have given me two different fixes, one said it was the cell and the other said it was the control board. Our annual pool party is next weekend and I would rather spend money on beer and brats then chasing this problem much more.

Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby Parafuego773 » Sun 26 Jun, 2011 10:44

I have a Aquarite salt chlorinator system and my panel lights (power, generating, etc) will not come on. I've checked the fuse and recently replaced the cell. I have no idea what might be happening. Please any help!

Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby Que » Mon 27 Jun, 2011 14:55

jteague22 wrote:I have had the salt system for three seasons and then one day I had the flashing yellow light telling me to check the cell. I did, cleaned it really well after already doing that a month prior. I called a local supplier to come out and check it. Now they are telling me I need a new circuit board. It will cost me $800.00 and thats pro-rated since its under 5 years. I am thoroughly disgusted with this system.

We had a problem very simular to yours. The check cell light was on and the system was chlorinating. We cleaned the cell and re-calibrated the system, but the check cell light would not come on. So I called Hayward, and a technician told me to hold down the diagnostic button for 5 seconds to get another 500 more hours of use, I guess before we need to clean the cell again and that fixed our flashing yellow check cell light problem. I hope this helps.


Postby dsowder » Wed 29 Jun, 2011 17:39

excel wrote:The sensor can also be replaced without having to replace the entire cell. It is a $20 part and is a very easy (less than 1/2 hr) fix.

Where can I get information on replacement parts for these things... I talked directly to Goldline and I might have well been talking to the wall.....


Postby Guest » Thu 14 Jul, 2011 09:25

Eng wrote:I had problems with my cell too. It seems like every 2 years they go bad. I got tired of paying money to get it replaced. I am an engineer, so I started studying how they work. It seems that the root of the problem is the temperature sensor at the cell. Check the temperature by pressing the button next to the display. Use a thermometer in the pool to check the water temperature. Is it off by more that 5 degrees? If it is, then you salinity will be wrong and it will call for more salt. The cell will shut down automatically. To overcome this situation I open my cell and cut the two wires on the side of the cell (red and blue). These are the temperature sensor wires. I installed an 8.5 K ohms resistor between the two wires. This will give you a forever temperature of 86 degrees. After that, the cell started working properly. Since I have a fixed temperature now I used salinity strips to keep track of the salt. This worked for me. If you want to do it, go ahead at your own risk. Other that this, there is no other way around it. I heard from other people having the same problem.

Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby Guest » Thu 14 Jul, 2011 09:37

last cell purchased june 2009 (30K g inground cement pool) is faltering just like the last one, same story, inaccurate faulty LOW salt readings when actual salt levels are fine, resulting in no chlorine production when reading is below 2500ppm. I am done with goldline, aquarite, completely unreliable product, built to die and suck your money on replacement cells. So I am trying to manipulate the system to have it generating chlorine until I decide to purchase a new one from a DIFFERENT manufacturer.
I put resistor on the temp wires as done by the engineer and set temp to 88F and can get an instant salinity reading well into the 3000's, then I lock that reading by switching to superchlorinate and back to auto.
Only problem is this locking of the salt reading is temporary, and the instant readings the system does eventually brings the number down and I have to start process again. Is the engineer still around? anyone like him on here that knows if we can do something with these insant readings that bring down the main salt reading (as it is taking an average of the readings).

Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby Guest » Sun 17 Jul, 2011 13:28

I just replaced my cell but I don't now how to unlock my diagnostic menu to sync it?????

Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby Guest » Thu 21 Jul, 2011 19:48

Parafuego773 wrote:I have a Aquarite salt chlorinator system and my panel lights (power, generating, etc) will not come on. I've checked the fuse and recently replaced the cell. I have no idea what might be happening. Please any help!

There is a varistor on the main board on top about the size of quarter, it's black i am sure is blown.
They are about 5.00.
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Goldline "Aqua-Rite" salt chlorinator problems

Postby kcooper1 » Sun 24 Jul, 2011 10:00

We have a goldilne chlorinator. The control box lights up but there is no flow to the cell and the pool does not have chlorine. I read that the "board" can have issues. We removed the cover and see a dark spot appearing the something has burned out. What types of repairs / costs are we looking at? I can find information on replacement cells but not the boards.

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