HELP- levels way to high and murky water

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HELP- levels way to high and murky water

Postby mustang302 » Tue 21 Jun, 2005 20:17

We have a 18 ft round above ground and i have a free chlorinereading thats off the charts it's up to 10 as well as my P-H is up and over 8.4 how do i fix this we have some iron in our water and i have replaced 6 fitlers and vacumed it for a whole day and still my water won't clear ????????? HELP this is a brand new pool i might add


Postby Hollie » Sat 25 Jun, 2005 12:29

same thing here...i have a 42 in by 18 soft side pool (intex) and we are on the 2nd week, have shocked it twice, added stuff for algie, this morning i vacumed, still cloudy! I've also changed the filter and let the pump run 24/7. ya shut off the pump when your vacuming?
how soon can kids get in after it's shocked?

and it was clear....till i shocked instantly went cloudy!!!!

it's still clear looking in a not green or overly blue....

temp here has been very hot (over 90 all week) and humidity is high too. If that makes a difference.

should you keep it covered? or not?

i'm new...this is a new trial run for a pool...if it works out ok this summer i'll have a bigger one next year....but......sheese, it's all i do, watch, test, add stuff,'s a mad circle.......any help would be nice.

-Hollie in NE Missouri

Postby Hollie » Sat 25 Jun, 2005 12:31

guess i should add it's above ground...and that it's 18 feet round and its always in the sun....thanks.........hollie
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Postby Gov » Sun 26 Jun, 2005 18:47

Always add your chemicals at night, no one to swim after adding them, until next day.
Clarifier will clear up the cloudiness.
John B.

Postby John B. » Wed 06 Jul, 2005 17:13

It is safe to swim when the chlorine level is between 1.0 (low) and 4.0. Other readings means "unsafe".

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