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Postby LSTX » Tue 21 Jun, 2005 20:42

We're in Dallas, TX. We put in an inground pool this April. The water is already getting warm. It's 84 in the morning and around 89 in the early evening. We are running the pump at night. Any suggestions on how to lower the water temperature. Or is this normal for Texas?


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water warm

Postby econdave » Wed 22 Jun, 2005 05:58

maybe drain some water out and add water from hose?
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Postby ArizonaRalphie » Wed 22 Jun, 2005 17:19

Seems to me that it's pretty normal for anywhere HOT. I don't think pumping it off and filling is going to do much. Here, in the summer, we just don't have cold water. The streets heat up, then the water line which, because it is insulated by the dirt and the street, just stays pretty warm. You might try block ice, in quantity.

Postby Guest » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 13:11

Also in Dallas area and have the same problem...I'm going to try using our extra freezer to make block ice, then add to pool when I'm in it! It will be a fun experiment for my kids anyway. I was thinking about trying to cover pool with the winter cover during the daytime and uncover when we swim...when i finish the deck, that's the next project. One thing I like to do is let the water go down a bit (maybe 2 inches) then fill with hose.
That cools it off alittle for one swim, but the next day it's hot again. Mine aint bad though, temp is around 82. I like it around 75 or less to cool off.
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Postby vaughanwilliams » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 13:39

How about getting a solar heater? Sounds crazy? Solar heaters shouldn't be used at night, "because they dissipate heat and you lose what you gain during the day."
With a solar heater you'll get a nice warm pool in spring/autumn, and a "cool" pool in summer. Just don't run it during the day in the summer!!

Vaughan Williams
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Postby lstx » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 17:04

Thanks for all the great responses to my hot pool question. think we'll just have to swim "hot" during the high summer. Also, I think we need to add some shade by our pool. That full sun it gets all afternoon sure doesn't help matters.

Postby lstx » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 17:08

Thank for all the great responses. I guess we'll just have to swim "hot" 8) this summer. The direct sun our pool gets all afternoon doesn't help matters any. Thanks again for the replies. I've got some ideas now.

evaporative cooler

Postby Heckendorfmortgage » Sun 21 May, 2006 01:07

Perhaps a shade sail and an industrial fan to increase evaporation/cooling

Pool Water Too Hot

Postby SlimJim » Sun 30 Jul, 2006 10:39

We live in central Arkansas and understand the water getting hot. The problem is easy to fix. Get a pool fountain and run it at night. The water temp will come down nicely. I got in trouble with the wife because it got too cool.

Postby arz » Mon 31 Jul, 2006 12:26

Evaporative cooling is the correct answer!!! But maybe not how you thought. The Pool fountain leaves room for interpretation and expense. In Arizona all pools are built with a return that is above the water surface, these are known as "areators" they work like a sprinkler above the water, misting, or sprinkling the surface and the evaporative effect that water has as it returns to the pool is amazing. I had temps as high as 94degrees at the end of the day before I turned the areator on. We run our pump all night 6pm to 6am and turn on the areator the whole time, it usually brings the temps way down you will notice a change in one evening.

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