pool not winterize, what's the consequences?

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pool not winterize, what's the consequences?

Postby sally1815 » Wed 22 Jun, 2005 11:12

I have a gunite inground pool not winterize, what's the consequence/problem after? I really need help?

John B.

Postby John B. » Wed 22 Jun, 2005 15:20

Hi Sally,

Depending on your location, there may not be a significant problem. However, you don't say what "not winterized" means. If it means that the pool was not covered, and the lines not cleared and plugged, that would present a more serious issue. If it was covered blown out and plugged but no winterizing chemicals were added, this is less of a problem.
First issue: There could be ice and snow damage which you can't see. Such as ruptured return or feed lines. If not covered, you probably have a very dirty pool with contaminates brought in by wind, rain, snow, etc. For this you need to inspect your lines. If you can't see anything, you need to fill the pool, super chlorinate it (I recommend liquid chlorine for this), check your pH and adjust it to 7.2 to optimize the chlorine, adjust your Total Alkalinity to 80-110 ppm then run your pump. If the plumbing is OK and everything is working as it should, run the filter for 24 hours or until the pump pressure just exceeds the recommended allowance. Then, shut the pool off and backwash the filter on the "waste" setting (otherwise you will just continue to re-circculate algea that may be still alive and living in the filter). You will need to top off the pool each time you do this. Continue the same procedure until the water is clean and clear, your chlorine level is between 3.0 and 4.0 ppm, pH is 7.2 to 7.6 and the TA is 80 to 110 ppm. Then take a sample of the water to your pool supply house. They can check for minerals and other goblins that you can begin to eliminate. I hope this helps!

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