hair strainer basket above hole

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hair strainer basket above hole

Postby dkdd250 » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 11:45

I have an above ground cartrage filter. The problem is the hair and de strainers basket is not being sucked to the bottom and stay above the hole the water come into from and any de will go out side of the basket. There is no pressure build up in the filter but there is an air bubble in the strainer that doesnt get any bigger or smaller. I can find no leaks where air would be sucking in I cleaned the filter and even ran the pump with out filter to see if that was the problem. I called the pool store and the guy had no idea. I would really be grateful for any suggestions


hair strainer basket above hole

Postby matt » Sat 25 Jun, 2005 16:19

simple fix put a small rock in your basket, if you dont like that then your basket must have had a handle on it that hit the top of the lid and prevented it from rising, orthe basket twist locks in

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