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average cost of pool

Postby Guest » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 14:31

Hello! We are looking at moving into a home with a pool and are wondering what would be an average monthly cost of a small, inground pool? Water, electric,etc.??
Thank you:)

John B.

Postby John B. » Sat 02 Jul, 2005 15:11

Too hard to tell with the information supplied. However, I have a 22,000 gallon plaster inground. When I open the pool for the season, it costs about $250.00 for a truck load of water to bring it up to operational level. It costs about $150.00 in start up chemicals. Once the pool is balanced, the weekly shock is about $20.00. Then, after backwashing, I need to repalce about 500-600 gallons of water (which I do from the garden hose). DE filters are more efficient than sand filters and, therefore, do not have to be run as long. Closing costs are about the same except you won't be buying water.

It is not real expensive to maintain a pool once the construction costs are paid. This assumes that you keep a watchful eye on everything to prevent what can become expensive complications.

Also, costs vary widely based on size, if you have a full day of sun, the rain you get in your area, if you have a heater, jacuzzi, etc.

My advice is to just fill it, balance it, maintain it and enjoy it. It won't cost very much at all.


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