grey pool

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grey pool

Postby C_Lion » Thu 23 Jun, 2005 19:44

am I losing plaster??"

These are pictures of my pool. You will notice greying on the bottom. This only occurred after I installed a salt pool system. Why might that be???
It seems to be happening rapidly.



Postby Guest » Sun 06 Nov, 2005 21:07

Salt systems are second only to low ph levels in causing spot etching. Although with the salt systems the ph is usually on the high side the calcium levels must be on the low side. There's something with those systems that do a real number on plaster. I did an underwater polish on a salt system pool that was only 1 year old. Customer complained about plaster roughness on the baja shelf and spa bench. There was a return directly over the baja shelf where the flow ran perpendicular with the shelf. It looked and felt as if someone took a bush hammer extending out about 6 feet with the path of the returning water. On top of that the general condition of the plaster was etched like 20 grit sand paper. Salt water generators beware. :shock:
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Postby Larry » Wed 28 Dec, 2005 03:21

Check your total hardness. You will probably find it is much higher than the calcium hardness test indicates. This is due to an incresed concentration of sodium salts in the water.

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