Doughboy Sequel Plus

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Doughboy Sequel Plus

Postby Darren » Mon 14 Aug, 2006 19:29

I have my pool filled and my filter has new DE in it; the problem is, I turn it on, I get pressure for a few seconds (it fluctuates, powerful to light, then nothing). I backwash, filter to waste, pump to waste, same thing, heavy pressure for a few seconds, water just rushing through, then nothing. I"ve unhooked all the hoses, checked for obstructions, reattached them, etc. All plastic filters are clear. I don't understand why it pumps for a few seconds, then nothing, no pressure or anything. I am really frustrated; I hope somebody can help me figure this out. It worked great last summer. I took the filter apart, cleaned it out, put it back together, then ran the pump...



Postby Darren » Mon 14 Aug, 2006 21:39

Nevermind...I figured it out. You need to have lots of water in the pool, well, at least up to the line on the skimmer...DUH!!!!! DOH!!!! :oops: self-administered head-slap :oops: ......thanks anyway...

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