vacum/cloudy water

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vacum/cloudy water

Postby karin » Fri 24 Jun, 2005 16:58

hi we just moved to a place with a pool , called pol guy cause ph levels were way to low so fixed the balance and all then put stuff in the makes the green stuff fallto the bottomover night... worked great pool looked good levels were great now to vacum..... well as soon as you come near the very obvious pockets of green stuff the area clouds then out of those water holes in the pool sides the cloudy wqter just shoots back out..... we have back washed and been at these for days do we just keep vacuming but if the dirty water comes back in whats the use???? the filter has been runing straight for days as advised by the pool seller .... i jsut dont want to buy more stuff if i dont have to like i said the balance is now good, although clorine is a litte high by is going down.... help my husband travels alot its 90 out and i need to entertain these kids any suggestions would be greart thanks

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby tommy » Wed 29 Jun, 2005 04:33

control the topics
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Postby sheila » Sat 16 Jul, 2005 12:48

Karin check out what I did in the algae section, it worked! sheila
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Postby BraddockPools » Sun 17 Jul, 2005 22:32

Is it a DE or Sand?


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