How to fix cloudy pool water due to poor filtration system

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
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I'm new here
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How to fix cloudy pool water due to poor filtration system

Postby marcusc1234 » Mon 14 Aug, 2006 22:11

My pool water was cloudy and green (even after shocking it with chlorine) for weeks. The filter was just not filtering the fine particles in the water... till I figured out how to get it sparkling clear...

Just add Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to the filter system using the water intake.

I purchased one of those in-expensive above ground pools. It was an Intex brand metal frame pool (10' X 30"). It comes with Model 02 Filter-Pump and uses Intex Type A Filter Cartridge. The pool worked great for the first month. I experimented around with how much chlorine to add and how often to keep it at the ideal level. I eventually adjusted the PH to ideal level. I went and bought the replacement Intex brand type A filters when the original filter seemed to stay dirty. Only thing is, I think Intex may have changed the filter material because the replacement filters just would not clear the water up. The water remained turbid and cloudy. The chlorine got low one day and there was an algae bloom. Now my pool remained cloudy and green. I shocked it with chlorine, but still remained cloudy and green. This went on for 2-3 weeks. I even used another Intex filter and another brand of filter but no luck. The kids weren't happy about not being able to swim. After calling Intex technical support which provided no solution and also searching fruitlessly on the internet for a solution I finally remembered my old pool days when I was a kid and would add Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to the DE type filter. Doing this allows the filter to perform better and allow it to filter small particles. In about 1 day after adding the DE to the filter the pool water was sparkling clear. Yahoo !

To add the DE to the filter when the water intake is under water and hopefully have sparkling clear pool water do this:
Note: DE = Diatomaceous Earth. DE can be purchased at a pool supply store.

1. Clean and turn on the pump-filter system.
2. Get a plastic bucket or plastic pitcher.
3. Add a small amound of DE in the bucket (about 1/4 - 1/2 cup?)
4. Fill the bucket with water not letting the DE escape
5. Quickly rotate the bucket and place over the water inlet to the filter-pump
6. Leave a small crack between the bucket and side of the pool so that the inlet can pull water in from outside the bucket but no water (and DE) can get out into the pool. In about a minute all of the DE will be sucked into the filter and get caught there.
7. The DE should start trapping some of the fine particles and soon clear up the pool.
8. Take the filter out and wash it out with a spray hose and return filter and repeat process.

Good Luck
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