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inflatable pool help needed

Postby Brianes99 » Sat 25 Jun, 2005 18:29

I hope someone in this forum can give me some advice.

We installed a 15' inflatable pool, while my sister finished filling it with water, she did not notice that the liner had a very bad wrinkle in the bottom. Now 80% full, the pool is leaning and lopsided due to this wrinkle.

Any advice, besides draining and pulling it straight, on how to flatten out the bottom of the pool and remove this wrinkle?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Postby brianes99 » Sun 26 Jun, 2005 16:29

checked the ground to make sure it was level. this is definately a wrinkle issue. It sticks up about 3-4 inches.
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Postby Gov » Sun 26 Jun, 2005 18:29

empty & re-fill & blame sis :)

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