Care of flagstone coping

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Care of flagstone coping

Postby Inlandsmog » Thu 17 Aug, 2006 14:29

I have a new pool with flagstone coping, the company that built the pool went BK 3 mos after completion. My question: is there any special care of flagstone coping. As far as i know nothing has been done to it as far as sealer etc.

Thanks, Craig


calcium buildup on coping

Postby ginny » Sat 06 Dec, 2008 18:29

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Postby lonestar » Wed 28 Jan, 2009 11:18

There are products meant to seal flagstone coping. I would recommend it generally speaking to protect the soft stone. If you have a salt water generator you will absolutely need to seal the stones. And may have to reseal them yearly.

Care of flagstone coping

Postby Austin » Fri 05 Jun, 2009 15:37

Dupont makes a coping sealer for salt water pools, go to under the protection section.
Saltwater Flagstone Problems

Care of flagstone coping

Postby Saltwater Flagstone Problems » Tue 15 May, 2012 21:37

I would suggest calling Texas Stone Sealer they sealed my flagstone three ago and it looks great. I have a saltwater pool. Here's their web address

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Care of flagstone coping

Postby cpo2go » Sun 20 May, 2012 14:31

Whether or not your pool is salt (but Especially if it is) I would recommend sealing the flagstone coping.
There are many good sealants but you will need to make it an annual ritual.
Go to They have great stuff which I have used for many years.
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