Replacing Filter

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Replacing Filter

Postby HickoryC » Fri 18 Aug, 2006 12:48

Filter suddenly developed a crack during the 7th year. Hurricane Katrina caused a tree limb to damage the motor and pump. Just this spring replaced pump, motor, sand, skimmer, clorinator, liner return and all plumbing and electrical. Now this!
Does any member happen to know the pipe size for the larger (outer) threaded endings on the valve? I need to turn 90 degrees with the new hookup as the valve intake does not face the motor.
By the way I feel like I bought an inferior replacement filter. It is two halves glued together vertically. Made in Canada. Forgot the brand but it is something like Palaanar. Anyway I want to run larger PVC as there will now be a turn from pump to valve.
Thanks in advance.


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