Algae problems in swimming pool water.
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Postby Michael » Mon 27 Jun, 2005 17:50

I have a pool that was installed 2 years ago. It has an ozoninator, an inline chlorinator and cartridge filters. After the first year it now has some green on the walls and steps inside the pool. I went to the local pool supply and asked what it might be and how to treat it. They said is was probably algae and gave me some algae killer and advised me to brush the surface several times a day until it was gone. This process did nothing.

I called the pool company that installed the pool and asked them to send out an expert to help me. They sent the plaster installer who used Jack's Magic #1 formula on one of the steps and claimed success. He provided me a box of Jack's Magic formula and told me to add it to the pool water and keep the surface areas scrubbed until the stains were gone. This process did not work either.

I have had the water tested many times and there is nothing found that indicates what my problem is. Since the algae killer, etc. treatments have not worked, I am wondering if I have a pool install problem and believe my next step is to call out several pool service companies and ask them to diagnose the problem and provide estimates for the fix.

What would you do? Is this the right approach?


Postby Guest » Tue 19 Jul, 2005 13:30

50% algicide thats what you need. Meijer has it.

Postby Doubled1 » Tue 19 Jul, 2005 15:17

If the green feels slippery on the floor and walls it is algae.You will need to use chlorine to kill it.The dosage is on the container.Make sure the chlorine level is brought up to 10ppm.Then vacum brushing walls and floor.

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