pressure problem

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pressure problem

Postby Paul » Wed 29 Jun, 2005 21:45

My sand filter is gaining about 10-12psi in a short period of time in the filter position. This causes the flow of water into the pool to become very weak. During the backwash cycle it starts out flowing strong and shortly the flow of water decreases and then turbulence is seen in the pump basket. I have been struggling with this problem since the middle of last summer excluding the winter months. I have tried filter cleaners, even changed the sand and the standpipe and laterals out last summer. I am at my whits end. A water leak developed enough this summer to flow out from under the concrete deck around the pool. I have had the concrete removed and found a crack in an elbow and have repaired the pipe. I was hoping that was going to solve the water flow and pressure problem but it did not. I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Pool Care Proficient
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pressure problem

Postby Gov » Thu 30 Jun, 2005 21:11

It sounds as though you may have another leak somewhere else.
I had a drip at my hose to pump connection & I was told...if you can see water dripping when the filter is off, then air is being sucked in when the filter is on.

Postby doubled1 » Fri 01 Jul, 2005 06:36

Check pump for leaks.When seals get old inside pump strange problems can start
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I'm new here
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Filter Pressure

Postby poolman64 » Sat 20 Aug, 2005 21:44

An increase in filter pressure is normally due to nothing more than the filter getting dirty. A sand filter has a relatively small surface area compared to cartridge and DE filters, which causes the filter to plug up quickly. Dirt and algae plug a filter very quickly, it is not uncommon to have to backwash the filter once or twice while vacuuming a dirty pool. Once the pool is clean again and the filter has been backwashed, the filter pressure returns to the normal cycle of pressure increase requiring a backwash about once per week or every other week. Let me know if I can help you anymore with this problem.

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