too much chlorine

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too much chlorine

Postby stivhixon » Thu 30 Jun, 2005 11:50

I recently bought a small 1000 gallon inflatable pool for the kids to play in. The pool shop up the street told me to shock the pool with one pound. I accidently put one pound of granulated chlorine in!!! Is there anyway to salvage the water or time table for when it is ok to use or should I just start over and empty the pool? any help would be appreciated

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too much chlorine

Postby Gov » Thu 30 Jun, 2005 21:19

That 1 lb bag is meant for 10,000 gallons not 1,000!!! :shock: :shock:

Empty the pool.

I wouldn't add any chlorine to a kiddie pool, unless it's those blue blow-ups that come with a small filter system and are meant to stay up all summer.

Postby Guest » Sat 02 Jul, 2005 09:10

thats exactly what it is one of those intex inflatables, i grabbed the chlorine instead of the oxy shock, the pool place told me to take of the cover and wait a few days, i just tested it and it is abnormally high still, lol thanks

too much

Postby rrk » Wed 03 Aug, 2005 15:02

there is a product called get this chlorine decreaser i have only found it at the pool supply stores not walmart i pay like 6 dollars
works great like in 30 min.

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