Pool got cloudy after severe thunderstorms

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Pool got cloudy after severe thunderstorms

Postby Guest » Thu 30 Jun, 2005 12:57

Pool was clear as it could be yesterday. Around 6:00pm yesterday we had severe thunderstorms that added about 4 inches of water to the pool. Pump ran over night and this morning water is very cloudy to the point of not being able to see bottem in 3 foot depth area. Can rain do this and any suggestion for a fix? Water temp has been 82 for the past week and air temp has been in the 90"s here in Maryland for the past week. Thanks.


Rain will do this.

Postby Guest » Sat 02 Jul, 2005 17:54

Heavy rain as little as 2 inches added to the pool can really mess things up in the hot weather. Have the pool water tested for its Cl demand and shock according to the test sites recom. In very "air polluted" areas this could mean a shock of 10-40 lbs. or more for the quick holiday fix. Remember not to re-enter the pool until the level is back under 3.

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