kiddy pool advice

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kiddy pool advice

Postby marie1980 » Thu 30 Jun, 2005 16:39

we got ourselves a small pool for the kids, there is enough room in there where we can both sit and the kids (4yrs & 18months) have enough room to play. its one of them inflated pools with 3 rings... my questions are.... how can we keep it clean? do we need a filter? how much stuff do we need to put in there if it needs to be added? will it be safe for the pool? we bought the strips and a starter kit for the pool, with different products in it. Havent used any of it yet because we dont know exactly what to do. The water is blurry now and we are not sure what to do. My dad suggested that we dilute chlorine in warm water and then pour it in the pool... would this be okay? how much do I need to put in there? it has 289 gallons and a 60% water line... I hope someone can help me because I dont really want to take my kids in the pool until it is cleaner, we dont really want to waste all that water to refill the pool either...
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kiddy pool advice

Postby Gov » Thu 30 Jun, 2005 21:13

blow up kiddie pools are meant to be emptied and re-filled, sorry.

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