Low PSI from Hayward II Superpump

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Low PSI from Hayward II Superpump

Postby [email protected] » Thu 24 Aug, 2006 16:29

My pump sounds a little different and the PSI is down to 8. It usually runs at 12 PSI. Everything is clear. No idea whats wrong.

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Postby Walter » Fri 25 Aug, 2006 07:35

how old is the motor? Bearings might be going bad or the motor itself and it isn't pushing what it needs out anymore.
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low pressure

Postby poolnerd » Thu 28 Dec, 2006 00:31

A lower than normal pressure reading indicates some sort of blockage on the suction side of the pump. Don't think bad bearings would have a bearing on that. (Sorry for the pun -- need to get out a little more, huh?)
First, I'd check the impeller. Hayward Super II's have a closed face impeller, which can become clogged with debris: hair, grass, pine needles, etc. Try removing your pump strainer basket and reaching back toward the motor as far as you can. That's where the impeller, the business end of the pump, is located. If you've got long fingers, you might be able to feel some gunk. You'll probably have to separate the two halves of the pump to clear it. After re-assembling, remember to prime pump again (fill basket with water).
Good luck!
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Postby dynamictiger » Thu 28 Dec, 2006 15:24

Pump sounds different normally implies cavitation. This is a sound like rocks tumbling around inside the pump.

This is typically caused by air from somewhere on the suction side of the pump. The most common trap is holes in suction cleaner hoses.

Check your basket is full of water on the front of the pump.

Turn it on and watch the basket to make sure it remains full of water and does not start to fill up with air. If it does check all the O rings and gaskets to ensure they are not leaking air or need replacing.


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