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Postby Dan » Thu 28 Apr, 2005 08:57

Most insurance companies will not require you to change your policy. I would suggest you look into an umbrella policy that will raise your coverage to at least a million dollars. That should not cost more than 200.00 a year. Also ensure you have enough coverage to cover any catastrophic damage to the pool itself.


Postby LauraLee » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 15:03

We have State Farm and our agent told us we did not need extra coverage. Says the only claims they get on them was an occasional torn liner from a branch during a storm and that would be covered under normal homeowner's insurance. If you live in an earthquake prone area you might want to make sure you are covered if it disappears into a hole, or flood insurance if it cracks up and floods your basement, but it is not going to catch on fire or get stolen. As far as liability I spoke to both my agent and a lawyer (who happens to live across the street and is a pool owner himself) and they said as long as you have a locking privacy fence, keep your pool in good repair (no pool lights wired with extension cords), and do not serve alcohol to guests you are okay - they can bring their own bottle and have only themselves to blame if they crack their drunken head and drown in your pool. So no extra money for insurance...but we did get hit with property tax increases - an additional $300 a year!

Insurance rates

Postby 1firewire » Wed 09 Aug, 2006 20:38

Hello there:When I put our pool and spa in it did not change the insurance rate but my property tax did go up.It wasn't a whole lot but it was a surprise to me.They told that by adding a pool and spa in our back yard it increased property value thus the higher property tax.Do let your Insurance provider document that you have a new pool going in the event of a freak thing like landscaping bubblers putting too much water under your pool and cracking the shell or what not,that way they will cover any incurred damages.Enjoy your pool it is a great investment and alot of fun.

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