Vaccuming every single day

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Vaccuming every single day

Postby Kelly » Tue 05 Jul, 2005 20:41

We bought a new sand filter which has helped a lot, however just in the last 2 weeks I have had to vacuum every single day. There are large spots of brown dirt on the floor every day. Sometimes I have to vaccum twice a day. I backwash it every time I vaccum and also rinse. I thought I would only have to do this procedure once a week. Does anyone know what it could be. I am wondering when I backwash if it is coming right back in. I backwash and rinse until the water is clear and clean. HELP!

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Postby sheila » Wed 06 Jul, 2005 15:14

Hi Kelly! You need to vaccum to waste. You vaccum it right out of the pool!! Not sure how sand works, pretend you are doing your normal vaccuming priming the hose but put the hose on the ground(someone has to hold the hose or use a huge rock on the top to hold it, the hose will just come right out of the pool) You need to go real slow otherwise you will stir it all up. Put the hose More water in the pool while you doing the vaccuming. You will see all the brown crap come out of the hose. I did it with my green pool and it worked! Now it is crystal clear!! ( we did the same thing last year it just kept coming right back in!) good luck!! :D

Postby Kelly » Thu 07 Jul, 2005 06:40

That is what the pool supply told me also. I did it last night. We will see what happens. Now do you do that each time now or just when it gets that dirty?

Postby Guest » Thu 07 Jul, 2005 19:52

I actually think now is that I probably accidently put some hard water in the pool, which we have a lot of iron in our water, and it does look brown. So now I am thinking it may be iron. It is not only on the bottom, it is on the side and even on the ladder. Anyone know what to do if it is hard water? I shocked it again.

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