Too much iron? Brown water

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Too much iron? Brown water

Postby Kelly » Sat 09 Jul, 2005 07:37

Anyone know what to do about having too much iron in water. We have a well which has too much iron in it and I think I accidently added the well water in the pool instead of the soft water we have. Now the water is brown. I added a bottle of metal remover from the pool supply store that they gave me, but see no difference. Our water was crystal clear until I added some water last week. Now we can't even use the pool.



Postby DiscountPoolWarehouse » Mon 14 Nov, 2005 11:47

Get the water tested if the Iron is over 2ppm you are going to have to treat it with a different method than the metal remover. Most metal removers only treat up to 2ppm of Iron. So a pool store with free water anaylsis would be a good starting point. More queston post it here!

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