Only one jet working as of today??

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Only one jet working as of today??

Postby Brandon » Sat 09 Jul, 2005 14:45

Hi everyone, I've been having problems with my pool in my new home. Last week the line to the vaccum got really weak and now it isn't sucking much at all. Now, only one jet out of 3 are shooting water out so the pool is becoming almost stagnant. I've checked both skimmer baskets(in the pool and by the pump) and bled the air out of the system twice(i'm getting around 12psi from the gauge on the filter). Water level is fine as well. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am a first time pool/home owner and clueless!



Postby Guest » Wed 13 Jul, 2005 15:11

maybe a multiport valve malfunction

Only one jet working as of today??

Postby DollFaceMaggie » Sat 16 Feb, 2013 15:21

Hi I was wondering if you ever figure this problem out? I too am a new pool/home far I have been Abel to online troubleshoot all my problems, but I am having this very problem since I changed my pool vacuum. I used to have a vacuum that ran off the return line but now we i have one that runs from the skimmer...since removing the old vacuum form the return line I am only getting pressure out of the main return and the other three jets are dead! I've tried applying pressure over the line to block it off and force water front he other jets as a last resort but no suction is fantastic my pump is bubble free and my filter is clean...I just don't understand and how changing the type of vacuum had such a Huge affect..please help!
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Only one jet working as of today??

Postby PhD43 » Wed 27 Mar, 2013 16:50

I don't know what is causing your low water pressure, but if you need a boost of circulation in your pool than you need to buy the circulator. With my previous pool, I only had one return working because I had to plug the other one. The circulation was so bad that I had continuous problems with algae and cloudy pool water. My pool store recommended the circulator to me and WOW, what a difference! My pool literally came alive with just one return. It is truly an amazing product that I would highly recommend to all pool owners who want their pool to look sparkling clear and easy to maintain. :thumbup:

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