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Film on water

Postby jacksonr » Wed 30 Aug, 2006 13:35

I have an in-ground outdoor pool which has been running smoothly all summer, howver, over the last few days a "film" has developed on the surface (almost looked like oily slick, although is colourless). I added an algaecide and chlorine shocked the pool. Some foaming has occurred (i believe this is normal from some algaecides) but the "film"on the pool surface has not gone. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be and/or what i shud do about it? No one (to my knowledge) has been anywhere near the pool with detergents etc and the pool is kept covered when not in use.



Postby pokerdawg » Wed 30 Aug, 2006 23:33

im sure it's body oils and sunscreen try shutting off the floor suction and the skimmers will pull it off the top
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Postby kamkuda » Thu 07 Sep, 2006 05:56

A natural enzyme will break down oils and greases. Many brands are available from different pool stores but not all pool stores carry it. Try a tennis ball in the skimmer and see if it picks up some of this residue.

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