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pool liner installation

Postby rmvendor » Mon 14 Mar, 2005 07:36

I have a problem. I purchased a 30' round pool online for the kids for Christmas in December. I'm just installing it now.My problem is when I installed the beaded liner and started adding water to the pool the liner had so much tension on it that it started to buckle the walls.I followed the directions. I would like to know if anyone knows what the measurment should be between the sand bed/cove and the track that holds the beaded liner? I have a 52" wall.


Pool Guy

Above ground pool

Postby Pool Guy » Tue 15 Mar, 2005 03:02

What pool did you get? Perhaps the thing to do is contact the manufacturers. If you mess up (as I did a couple years back), they will not cover the guarantee.

Liner shrinkage

Postby JohnK » Thu 21 Apr, 2005 09:56

I had a new 15ft liner in store for a year. Never out of the box. Tried to fit it...the floor to wall seam on one side to the other is 13'7" and it will never fit. Total waste of money to Swimline as they only cover seam failure, not dimensions changes. Be warned!

Postby doubled1 » Tue 10 May, 2005 18:23

A small amount of buckling is to be expected.As the water rises the liner will stretch and the wall will go back in place.You must have a warm,sunny day to install a beaded liner.

Pool liner tesion

Postby TonyM » Mon 27 Mar, 2006 15:00

I am having the same problem "rmvendor" had on March 14th 2005.
In my case I purchased the manufactured foam cove, so there is not much I can do about the distance from the top of the pool to the top of the cove. The pool ia also a 30 foot diameter pool but I have a "J-hook" liner. I currently have about 5 inches of water in the pool. The liner is bowing tightly inward like a sail creating a 1-2 inch gap between the liner and the pool wall. I can reach in the pool and push the liner back towards the wall but it feels like I am pushing on a balloon. Is this normal? will the liner stretch? Should I wait for a sunny day to continue filling?

liner probs

Postby dood » Mon 27 Mar, 2006 16:46

I had the same darn issue 2 years back. Was told to wait for a hot day and fill. I did so but still took a few weeks for the liner to strech enough to fill the gap.
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liner stretch

Postby New 2b pool user » Sat 15 Apr, 2006 10:19

So even if the day is warm and liner is "relaxed" before filling starts, if in fact the water is very cold the effect will be the same - liner not stretching until the water warms up? We also purchased a J Hook with an 18x33 so how much buckle or bend in the wall is expected?

We will be depending on a solar panel set from day one to get the water warmed. Is there any benefit to trying to run the initial fill through the solar panels some way to get a start on the warming? Our water will come from a well (54 deg F) as we are rural and there is no way to get water from any other source (50 miles to town, the delivery of over 19,000 gallons with mileage fees would be prohibitive)

Solar heat question

Postby Roxi » Sat 15 Apr, 2006 18:57

Is there any benefit to trying to run the initial fill through the solar panels some way to get a start on the warming?

Trying to run that volume of water through the solar panels would not be good for the panels.
Pump straight into the pool and get the heating on as soon as there is enough water to run the pool pump. The water will heat up from the sun, solar system and ambient air temperature within a few days.
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Postby hrsdennis » Tue 18 Apr, 2006 20:36

It is really amazing how much a liner will stretch. The key is to fill the pool only when the sun is directly overhead. Sunshine is far more important than water temperature.

Best of luck, Dennis
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Liner Installation

Postby Turtle » Mon 08 May, 2006 21:16

Just today we finished putting up our 33' x 52" above ground pool with a beaded liner. When I first started putting the water in I couldn't even push the liner in against the sides. I was scared to death that it was going to pull in the sides. Under the liner we used 1" foam and foam cove. But once the water got to the top everything was just fine. The liner had stretched out and the walls were nice and straight.


Postby Jparker » Wed 24 May, 2006 07:19

Same problem with my 33 X 18. According to the directions it said the pool liner should be stretched and the bottom seam should be up on the wall. My complaint to Namco has been how can I do that when the liner is measuring 31.7 ft not 33 ???. So Namco was nice enough to replace the liner. Guess what.... this one is 32 ft! Still short. We had a pool collapse last year which flooded the basement so I am not taking any chances. Anyone else having this problem?? Namco pool...Swimline liner

Pool walls buckling

Postby Kymberly » Wed 16 May, 2007 15:12

Swimline liner here. 24' round 48" wall beaded edge liner.

Installed PERFECTLY. On a 80 degree sunny day, we stood in that pool for TWO HOURS making sure the liner was totally wrinkle-free.

We had the requisite 8" and everything else.

Today, the truck comes to fill the pool and with 1" in the walls start buckling in.


It didn't help that the water guy was the first day on the job.

I'm concerned that this sounds like a Swimline problem???

This was a $400 liner - the damned thing BETTER be right.

This pool was installed PERFECTLY. Laser-leveled to within a nanosecond. The uprights are holding (knock wood) so it's not an installation issue.

pool buckle

Postby bdunn » Sun 20 May, 2007 08:38

same problem with j hook liner. it was cold out. several inches between liner and wall. What do I do? wait for warm weather! The pool buckled in a few places. removed some water 4" inside buckles reduced. Temp was 55 degrees cloudy and raining. This was also a swimline liner

liner slipping

Postby rocc » Mon 28 May, 2007 07:57

I have an 18 ft round above ground pool 52 inches deep. I replaced the J-HOOK liner. I filled the pool and have AIR at the top of the liner to the point that the liner is lifting away from the j-hook. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks[/b] :cry:

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