green water instantly after adding chlorine

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green water instantly after adding chlorine

Postby guest » Sun 10 Jul, 2005 14:39

WE have had a hard time 'clearing' the water this year after opening the pool. IT is an in-ground concrete pool.

We have always used chlorine, baking soda and muriatic acid through the years to maintain and keep clear water and balance.

This year we have had an extremely hard time.
last night after vacuuming the pool, as soon as we added chlorine it turned the entire pool water green instantly.

Any ideas??

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby ThatPoolGuy » Tue 27 Sep, 2005 23:16

What are you chemicals reading?

Pool turning green

Postby DPW1 » Sat 12 Nov, 2005 10:25

Ok green after a shock usually means one of 2 things. First and most common is there is copper present in the pool water. When copper oxidizes, which is what chlorine will do to copper when added to the pool, it turns green. This can occur when 1-you have a heater on the pool and the heater is not installed properly or the pool chemistry has not been maintained properly. 2- the make up water has copper in it. 3- you have used a copper based algaecide in the past and the chemistry was out of wack when you shocked it. If copper was your problem the pool will usually be stained after shocking.

Second, if you had an algae bloom starting but had not gotten to the point of being visible but when you shocked it killing the algae it became apparent. If algae was your problem the pool will not be stained.

To correct the probem we would have to identify the root cause then we can start the correction process. The details we need are a professional water test, including a test for copper.

Let us know in this form and we will reply and we will be happy to assist you.

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water problem

Postby guest » Mon 05 Dec, 2005 00:40

how can i maintaine my swimming pool in blue color please help me im drowning :D

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