Pool coming out of ground

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Pool coming out of ground

Postby RSF » Fri 01 Sep, 2006 06:08

I just bought a 37 year old house with a pool (the pool is about 10 years old). It hasn't been used in over a year, so there was a lot of algae and muck in it, so I cleaned it out.

The pool has been empty for about a month now. We've been getting a lot of rain here in Southern New Jersey... and now it seems as though the pool is actually lifting out of the ground!

What can be done to remedy this immediately? Is this an easy repair, or am I looking at big bucks?

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Postby Walter » Fri 01 Sep, 2006 06:32

probably big bucks, you should have pulled the plugs on the main drains before getting all the water out so that water could release the pressure from underneath, I am almost possitive you can't fix it easy. I would contact a pool builder. Good Luck
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Postby Guest » Fri 01 Sep, 2006 09:36

Walter: THANKS for the info. Do you think it's too late? If the plugs are pulled now, and there is water put back in the pool, can it be saved?

Postby Guest » Wed 13 Sep, 2006 16:45

you will have to add weep holes. The weep holes allow the water under the pool to come through and not raise the pool. Of course when you drill weep holes, you have to re-plaster over them.....either way you will spend some money to do the repairs.
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Postby Pool Owner » Wed 06 Dec, 2006 20:56

As you have learned, a properly constructed pool can become a boat when the weight of the water is removed and there is not a hydrostatic valve to allow high ground water into the pool to balance the buoyancy force.

Hopefully you have contacted a pool professional by now. If not and there are no obvious signs of distress to the pool shell, fill the pool with water (assuming your circulation system is working properly) and balance the chemicals. Then check to see if the pool is plumb (e.g., is the water level the same against the tile around the pool) and do a leak test (e.g., fill a bucket of water and put it on the pool steps or near the pool marking the starting point and ending point a few days later). If the pool is plumb and not leaking, continue to watch for differential settlement and/or leaks. If the pool leaks, you will need professional assistance quickly. If the pool is out of plumb but not leaking, it is okay to continue to monitor the situation.

Next year when you expect the ground water level to have dropped reevaluate the situation. If everything continues to be okay, you can keep going until there are other needs to remodel the pool/decking. When you remodel, remember to inform your pool professional that you think your pool “floated” some during the summer of 2007.

Good luck.
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Postby Ickle » Sun 10 Dec, 2006 16:34

you can get a devise known as a hydrostatic valve, places in the sump pot it could be described as a mushroom, it is a plug with a sprung loaded top on it, this alows water from under the pool to enter if the under pressure increases. once the pressure from under has disspearsed it then seals its self again. this could be helpful.

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