To cover or not to cover...

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To cover or not to cover...

Postby Aprilshowers » Fri 01 Sep, 2006 15:08

I have a 27' above ground pool that has slow leaks through the liner. I patched the ones I could find, but what happens is over the winter the pool eventually drains completely (loooong winters here in the Boston area...). My cover after last winter was toast, so I threw it away.

The dilemma: If I purchase a winter cover and the pool drains over the winter, the sides are in danger of collapsing from the weight of the snow/ice in the cover ... Do I go purchase a new cover, minimum cost $85 is the cheapest I can find, for a pool that after next summer I will probably take down? What will happen if I don't cover the pool? Can I just unhook the filter and pump, and then ignore it? I considered just a 'leaf cover', but they are also around $100.

I'll take any advice!! Thanks!


Postby Guest » Tue 05 Sep, 2006 19:57

Looks like you are either taking it down or replacing the liner - so the cover isn't needed. Don't let it drain - the weight of the water is needed to keep it in place. It will just be a green swampy mess next spring.

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