what to do with the de powder after backwash?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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what to do with the de powder after backwash?

Postby bonoiam » Tue 12 Jul, 2005 13:03

When I backwash the de powder start to buildup. I do not want to pump this to the street or lawn due to the buildup. I have imagined of some sort of filter to use when backwashing and was wonder what others do. I was thinking of the backwash going through a filter say the size of a 5 gallon bucket and collecting the de powder and allowing the water to go where ever without the powder build up. Is something like this out there that I can purchase or do I need to build this?


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Pool Enthusiast
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seperation tank...

Postby BraddockPools » Wed 13 Jul, 2005 22:12

It's called a seperation tank. You local pool store should be able to get you one. Just pulmb your backwash line into it and it strains out the DE residue.


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